• Replace tiled wall shower with a glass enclosure
  • Bathroom reno remove tiled walls and replace vanity
  • Replace old shower showed that showed signs of water damage
  • Replace toilet and tile floor tile

Client had a tiled enclosed shower, similar to the basic builders shower that is tiled on three sides and with a light on the ceiling. These showers are good in the beginning however the two things that this particular shower style is known for is being dark and enclosed as it is usually small. That coupled with being a natural humid environment, keeping mold out of these showers becomes a full time job that no homeowner has time for. The end result is almost always the same, the shower that no one wants to use. As home owners we cannot afford to have these sort of wasted space. The solution we always recommend is a glass walled shower. The glass walls can be easily cleaned with a squeegee after showering and it allows light in the shower even if the shower is not being used thus minimizing the dark space environment, additionally the glass walls gives the shower user the feeling of additional space in the shower. The end result is a fully used and functional shower that will be enjoyed for years to come.