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  • Getting a finished basement is easier than you think, let us show you how.

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  • A room without crown moulding is like Canada without Timmies, can you imagine that?

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  • A custom closet organizer offers you functional use for 100% of your closet space.

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  • In addition to looking great, hardwood flooring has an average of 70–80 percent return on investment.

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  • Quick, clean and on budget, let show you some kitchen renovation options.

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  • You bought a great TV, why not have us install it and hide all the wires in the wall.

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  • The easiest way to improve the look of your space is with a fresh coat of paint

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  • Do you have a honey do list that is overdue, we can turn it into a honey done list.

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  • Custom Gazebo

    Custom Gazebo

    This project the client wanted an oasis space for relaxing and reading near the garden.

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  • Deck


    This client simply wanted a deck for additional living space.

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  • Is it very expensive to finish my basement?

    Is it very expensive to finish my basement? That depends on how you look at the cost of finishing your basement. The national average return on investment around 75 cents on the dollar. Then there is the convenience of creating additional living space without having to move which in itself is priceless especially to a growing family and lets face it, we were all there at one time or the other. Or perhaps you are there right now, so from an expense point of view, this space becomes quite affordable compered to the alternative which is move and no one looks forward to that.

    Then there is the basement rental option. For those of us who are considering this option, your basement can be paid for within five years or sooner and that becomes a 100% return on investment in five years with an additional income going forward so to answer the question of is it expensive to finish a basement, the simple answer is no it is not. The only scary part of finishing a basement is hiring the right person for the job and having finished as may basements as we have, we at My905Handyman.Ca can make it an easy as it sounds. Give us a call and we will do the rest.

  • Are there any new changes to basement regulations?

    Yes, although most cities recognize that there are not enough affordable housing, most of these cities and towns do little to affect change that addresses this issue until now. The city of Brampton is ease rules on secondary suites to address affordable housing shortage as reported by CBC News